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Big Book of Windows Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Big Book of Windows Hacks

Author: Preston Gralla

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 73.7 mb

Pages : 652

Bigger, better and broader in scope, the Big Book of Windows Hacks gives you everything you need to get the most out of your Windows Vista or XP system, including its related applications and the hardware it runs on or connects to. This book takes yo....
BSD Hacks Free Ebook

Name : BSD Hacks

Author : Dru Lavigne

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 2.03 mb

Pages : 448

Looking for a unique set of practical tips, tricks, and tools for administrators and power users of BSD systems? From hacks to customize the user environment to networking, securing the system, and optimization, BSD Hacks takes a creative approach t....
Car PC Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Car PC Hacks

Author: Damien Carpenter

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 2.8 mb

Pages : 384

Car PC Hacks is the first book available to introduce and entrench you into the hot new car PC market. Expect innovation, tools, and fun experiments for creating a mobile multimedia center. This Hacks Series addition packs a punch in this comprehensi....
Hackers Free Ebook

Name : Hackers

Author : Steven Levy

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 12.5 mb

Pages : 528

Steven Levy's classic book about the original hackers of the computer revolution is now available in a special 25th anniversary edition, with updated material from noteworthy hackers such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Stallman, and Steve Wo....
Hackers & Painters Free Ebook

Name : Hackers & Painters

Author : Paul Graham

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 1.79 mb

Pages : 272

Written in clear, narrative style, Hackers & Painters examines issues such as the rightness of web-based applications, the programming language renaissance, spam filtering, the Open Source Movement, internet startups and more. In each essay, Graham m....
Hacking and Securing iOS Applications Free Ebook

Name : Hacking and Securing iOS Applications

Author : Jonathan Zdziarski

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 10 mb

Pages : 356

If you're an app developer with a solid foundation in Objective-C, this book is an absolute must - chances are very high that your company's iOS applications are vulnerable to attack. That's because malicious attackers now use an arsenal of tools to ....
Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition Free Ebook

Name : Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition

Author : Kevin Beaver

Publication : Wiley

Size : 34.9 mb

Pages : 408

The best way to stay safe online is to stop hackers before they attack - first, by understanding their thinking and second, by ethically hacking your own site to measure the effectiveness of your security. This practical, top-selling guide will help ....
Hacking the Kinect Free Ebook

Name : Hacking the Kinect

Author : Jeff Kramer, Nicolas Burrus, Daniel Herrera C., Florian Echtler, Matt Parker

Publication: Apress

Size : 20 mb

Pages : 268

Hacking the Kinect is the technogeek's guide to developing software and creating projects involving the groundbreaking volumetric sensor known as the Microsoft Kinect. Microsoft's release of the Kinect in the fall of 2010 startled the technology worl....
HTML5 Hacks Free Ebook

Name : HTML5 Hacks

Author : Jesse Cravens, Jeff Burtoft

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 9.6 mb

Pages : 500

With 90 detailed hacks, expert web developers Jesse Cravens and Jeff Burtoft demonstrate intriguing uses of HTML5-related technologies. Each recipe provides a clear explanation, screenshots, and complete code examples for specifications that include ....
Kinect Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Kinect Hacks

Author : Jared St. Jean

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 7.6 mb

Pages : 280

Create your own innovative applications in computer vision, game design, music, robotics, and other areas by taking full advantage of Kinect's extensive interactive, multi-media platform. With this book, you get a step-by-step walkthrough of the best....
Knoppix Hacks, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Knoppix Hacks, 2nd Edition

Author : Kyle Rankin

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 6.33 mb

Pages : 432

If you think Knoppix is just a Linux demo disk, think again. This book includes a collection of tips and techniques for using the enormous amount of software Knoppix offers-not just to work and play, but also to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and dis....
Linux Server Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Linux Server Hacks

Author : Rob Flickenger

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 34 mb

Pages : 240

Linux Server Hacks is a collection of 100 industrial-strength hacks, providing tips and tools that solve practical problems for Linux system administrators. Every hack can be read in just a few minutes but will save hours of searching for the right a....
Mac Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Mac Hacks

Author: Chris Seibold

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 61 mb

Pages : 330

Want to take real control of your Mac? The hacks in this book help you dig below the surface to tweak system preferences, mount drives and devices, and generally do things with your system that Apple doesn't expect you to do. With a little effort, yo....
Machine Learning for Hackers Free Ebook

Name : Machine Learning for Hackers

Author : Drew Conway, John Myles White

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 25.1 mb

Pages : 322

If you're an experienced programmer interested in crunching data, this book will get you started with machine learning - a toolkit of algorithms that enables computers to train themselves to automate useful tasks. Authors Drew Conway and John Myles W....
Network Security Hacks, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Network Security Hacks, 2nd Edition

Author : Andrew Lockhart

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 8.1 mb

Pages : 480

In the fast-moving world of computers, things are always changing. Since the first edition of this strong-selling book appeared two years ago, network security techniques and tools have evolved rapidly to meet new and more sophisticated threats that ....
PDF Hacks Free Ebook

Name : PDF Hacks

Author : Sid Steward

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 3.53 mb

Pages : 304

PDF Hacks is ideal for anyone who works with PDFs on a regular basis. Learn how to create PDF documents that are far more powerful than simple representations of paper pages. Hacks cover the full range of PDF functionality, including generating, mani....
Ubuntu Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Ubuntu Hacks

Author : Jonathan Oxer, Kyle Rankin, Bill Childers

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 3.5 mb

Pages : 448

Like all books in the "Hacks" series, Ubuntu Hacks includes 100 quick tips and tricks for all users of all technical levels. Beginners will appreciate the installation advice and tips on getting the most out of the free applications packaged with the....
Windows 8 Hacks Free Ebook

Name : Windows 8 Hacks

Author: Preston Gralla

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 44.9 mb

Pages : 422

Windows 8 is quite different than previous Microsoft operating systems, but it's still eminently hackable. With this book, you'll learn how to make a variety of modifications, from speeding up boot time and disabling the Lock screen to hacking native....

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